Get extreme at Falling Rock Tap House

Falling Rock Taphouse has an interesting beer on tap tonight: Palo Santo Marron, from Delaware's famous and always experimenting Dogfish Head Brewery.

Palo Santo Marron, a brown ale with a hefty 12 percent alcohol content, was aged in barrels made from Paraguayan Palo Santo (or "holy") wood. The trees are also used for making wine in South America and impart caramel and vanilla flavors into the beer.

The amazing story behind these barrels was recently covered in an in-depth piece about extreme beer in the New Yorker magazine; Dogfish Head also produced a short film on the subject.

And if you miss the beer tonight (the single five-gallon keg will be tapped at 5 p.m.), you can find four-packs of the beer at a couple liquor stores around town (although it's not cheap), including Joy Wine & Spirit, at 1302 East Sixth Avenue.


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