Get happy at Kim and Jake's Cakes hump day happy hour

It's almost happy hour on hump day. Don't feel like drinking? How about a slice of cake?

Kim and Jake's Cakes, which opened last month in Boulder's Table Mesa shopping center, offers a hump day happy hour from 5 to 6 p.m. every Wednesday. During that hour, the shop offers dollar-off cupcakes and slices.

The inspiration for the weekly promotion came from specialty cakes: Kim and Jake Rosenbarger, the shop's owners, do great things with classic cake flavors like red velvet and lemon, but they really differentiate their work with booze.

Jake is a spirits enthusiast, and he's constantly making classic cocktails, wine and beer into dessert. Like the Vino Rosso, a red wine cake topped with savory Mascarpone icing and shavings of Ubriaco del Piave cheese. Or the Mephestophelies, made with Avery stout cut by custard filling and whipped cream. And the Negroni, an orange cake soaked in Campari, gin, and vermouth.

The couple offers a rotating line-up of those cakes by the slice from their tiny shop, sprinkling in current experiments, like a cake inspired by the rum and ginger-heavy Dark and Stormy. And those experiments are usually introduced during hump day happy hour.

Kim and Jake's Cakes tweets happy hour deals on Wednesday. Find them on Twitter.


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