Get high on 5280, an energy drink designed for the Mile High City you

Colorado has been the wellspring for many liquid assets, including energy drinks Go Fast! and Bing, which quickly went national. But 5280, a new energy drink now available in along the Front Range, was created with the Mile High City in mind -- and has no plans to spill outside of Colorado.

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"We are the only energy drink created specifically for any state and we are made by Coloradans," says Dan Rogers, vice president of sales for MSP Inc., the Colorado company that makes 5280. "We're competing against national brands, but at the same time we are a local brand."

After perfecting the formula for 5280 -- it tastes sort of like Red Bull without the aftertaste, Rogers says -- MSP started selling the energy drink in August. So far, the company's managers are relying on grassroots marketing to get the word out to fellow Coloradans. "You'll never see us at the X Games," Rogers notes.

All it takes is one look at the 5280 can to know where this drink got its start. The design is centered on the state flag, and incorporates many of Colorado's cities in the label.

And those cities are where MSP will be focusing on selling the drink; it has no plans for marketing 5280 outside of Colorado. But the company is always looking for other local spots to stock the drink, which currently is available at select Walgreens, 7-Elevens, and various liquor and convenience stores.

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