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Get it up for Wynkoop Brewing's Weiner's Wood Oak-Aged IPA

First we had Odell's Twitter Brew, a beer recipe that was workshopped and designed on Twitter. Then came Trinity's Double Rainbow Collaborative Saison, a beer dedicated to a viral YouTube video.

Now, there's a beer named for the newly famous photo of an underpants-clad boner that New York Congressman Anthony Weiner tweeted last week. Weiner's weiner has officially entered the world of pop culture.

On Friday, Wynkoop Brewing will tap a one-time-only beer called Weiner's Wood Oak-Aged IPA -- and tap it hard, if you know what we mean.

Created by Wynkoop brewer Matt Hughes, Weiner's Wood is a firkin of the brewpub's Mile HiPA that has been aged inside the cask on oak stakes, giving it aromas and flavors of hops, pale malts, oak and vanilla. A firkin? Why, it's a roughly ten-gallon, uh, vessel, that is traditionally used in England.

"Visually impressive, it features an ample heft and long finish," is how the brewery's Marty Jones describes it. "Like most Twitter feeds and some rare congressional communications, the beer is unfiltered."

Weiner's Wood will be released at 4:30 p.m. in the Wynkoop's upstairs bar. Keep your underpants to yourself.

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