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Get ready for Park Burger's Friday debut

For the past several weeks, I've been poking around Park Burger, the new burger barn at 1890 South Pearl Street that's the brain kid of Jean-Philippe Failyau, Frank Bonanno's go-to guy at Osteria Marco in Larimer Square. Last month, Tyler Nemkov reported that Park Burger's opening had been delayed, which was the same story I got from Failyau yesterday when I dropped by to survey the progress. Failyah was there with the electrician, who, by his own admission, was responsible for the latest opening glitch...something about the hood.

Still, Failyau swore to me that he'd be up and running at 5 p.m. Friday -- hopefully with additional seating, because at the moment, there's nowhere to store your butt save for a community table and a few deuces and plastic chairs the hue of orange sherbet.

Plans are in place to add counter stools and a long bench alongside the perimeter of the joint's red brick wall. "It's still a work in progress," said Failyau, "but I'm super-excited about it and think the neighborhood will be, too." And, really, who wouldn't be excited about a croque burger stacked with ham, a fried egg and Swiss, washed down with a soft-serve milkshake or malt in flavors of orange Creamsicle and cookies and cream.

Friday can't come soon enough.

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