Get some Sweet Action on Broadway

Do you long for baklava, adzuki red bean or garam masala ice cream? Your wait will end one week from Friday when Sweet Action Ice Cream opens at 52 Broadway.

The space, formerly occupied by Fahrenheit Books, will be shared with Twisted Sol, the tattoo shop moving down from Capitol Hill.

Besides the funky sharing of space with a tattoo shop, what makes this ice cream parlor different?

Owners Samantha Kopicko and Chia Basinger have a couple of answers. "We're unique because we're approaching ice cream from a different, fresh, transparent direction," Kopicko told me. "The kitchen in the shop is wide open, so that customers can see everything we're using to make the ice cream."

And they're not doing just ice cream, either. "We'll also be making our own popsicles, ice cream sandwiches and vegan ice cream, among other things," she says. "Also, we're operating as a responsible, environmentally friendly business. For instance, we're 100 percent  wind-powered, and we use compostable packaging, instead of plastic or styrofoam."

Nine days from now, I plan to get myself some Sweet Action on Broadway, a dish of baklava ice cream in my stomach and a smile on my face.

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