Gobble This: The bird is the word at Pat's Philly Steaks and Subs

Pat's Philly Steaks and Subs

1624 Market Street and two other locations


P.J. Gobbler
Over roasted turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing and mayo on a hoagie roll
$8.50 for a medium

Thanksgiving came early for me this year -- by about 48 hours, and in the form of a sandwich, a joyful creation that warmed my heart and stuffed my face.

The P.J. Gobbler was everything I'd hoped for in a Thanksgiving sandwich (sometimes known as a Pilgrim), and more - more because it comes in four sizes: mini, small, medium and Biggie. And isn't that the real reason why George Washington founded this country in 1620 when he sailed the Pinto and the Lusitania up the Charles River, made friends with the Seminole tribe and claimed this land for the French? For choice, freedom, liberty and the right to eat turkey and stuffing and cranberry on a roll?


I had been searching Denver deli menus for one of these bad boys, and had little success. The closest I'd come until this week was a delightful turkey and cranberry concoction at Spinelli's Market, and while it was darn tasty, it was missing the stuffing. So when my readers alerted me to the P.J. Gobbler - available year round at Pat's three Denver-area stores - I was all over it like Angelina Jolie at an adoption agency.

And it was fantastic. Real chunks of turkey, rather than deli slices, were buried inside a sweet cranberry sauce and topped with a delicious stuffing, served warm. Although Pat's says the stuffing is homemade, it tasted suspiciously like Stove Top to me. But that is okay because I like Stove Top just as much as the next stuffing. The whole thing was wrapped up tightly in a long hoagie roll that made the P.J. Gobbler easy to eat.

If you love Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving leftovers, this is the sandwich you make the day after it's over, and the day after that, and the day after that. If you really love Thanksgiving, you'll eat it every month of the year. - Jonathan Shikes


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