Going hog wild at Steuben's for the new year

For the second time, Steuben's decided to welcome the new year with a special, round-the clock celebration that kicked off at opening on December 31 and ended at closing January 1. Last year, the special was chicken and waffles. This round? Pork and eggs.

According to exec chef Matt Selby, seen here walking a pig to the roaster, by the end of the 37-hour extravaganza, Steuben's had gone through fifteen porkers. Soo-eee.

Steuben's brought the pigs in from Pueblo, and ordered the roasters on-line. The Steuben's staff roasted the pigs two at a time in box roasters out on the patio. Cooked, and ready to meet the new year. The final product: pork on a plate.

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