Grand Cru had grand ambitions, but didn't make its mark at Landmark

An e-mail from East West Partners, which has taken over the beleaguered Landmark project in Greenwood Village, reminded us to check in on one of the area's most grandiose restaurant plans. Grand Cru, which chef/owner Jonas Brown opened last fall with the idea of serving special prix fixe meals -- and only prix-fixe meals. See also: Grand Cru has grand plans for the Landmark complex That quickly changed, though. But even allowing diners to order a la carte wasn't enough to bring in the crowds, and early this year Brown asked for help on gofundme:

Chef Brown opened Grand Cru with the intent of preparing a rare seven course prix fix menu, one that was paired individually with wines from around the world. Within weeks of opening, it became apparent that this type of environment was intimidating and monetarily overwhelming to the community. We changed our menu to an a la carte format and adjusted to competitor pricing. Though our original concept has changed, the dream and intent of bringing the first AAA 5 Diamond and Forbes 5 Star dining establishment to Denver has not. Chef Brown will not be content until he receives these awards. This indicates that he will have to strive to be the very best.

Grand Cru wishes to give VIP treatment to each and every guest. The art of excellent customer service is nearly extinct, Grand Cru will bring it back to our city!

In order to have a Fine Dining Establishment, you must not only have excellent customer service, but a fine tasting experience as well. Chef Brown has received a great deal of praise for his culinary delights. He is known for his steaks, they are not only seasoned to perfection, but adorned with several sauce varieties that will keep you coming back for more. But what truly sets his steaks above all the rest, is the mere fact that you can cut it with nothing more than a butter knife!..

Grand Cru is a french term that is defined as "Great Growth." As a small, private, sole owner establishment, this start up venture has incurred financial hurdles that one can only imagine. Our liquor hearing was pushed back several months, and without it our doors were restricted from opening on schedule. We suffered several contractor issues, costing double the amounts for projects that had to be redone. Due to these unforeseen circumstances we are now suffering financially and in danger of closing our doors as soon as the end of February. By raising this money we will be able to pay our debts and release our tenant improvement allowance that is currently being withheld. It will allow us to add the desired wine bar and lounge area to our space. A 600 gallon salt water aquarium will be the perfect touch to our already quiet and soothing ambiance.

Grand Cru is a hidden gem, one that will bring 5 star quality to Denver, but we cannot do it alone. We need your help to "Grow" our name and our establishment in order to keep our doors open. Please support your local small business owner and be a part of what could some day be the first of its kind in the Denver area.

After Brown's attempt to raise $20,000 proved unsuccessful, this note appeared on Facebook: "Well, it was a short ride but as of 3/1 Grand Cru will be closed permanently."

The Landmark space is currently for lease.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.