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Reader: The Best Green Chile Is in New Mexico

Reader: The Best Green Chile Is in New Mexico
Mark Antonation
We just released our annual edition of the the Best of Denver, and for the 35th year in a row, Best Green Chile was one of the most hotly-contested categories. And once again, it's inspired a heated conversation. While D'Corazon took top honors from the editorial staff, readers chose Santiago's as their favorite. But that didn't satisfy fans of other spots, who were quick to weigh in with their picks. Where was El Mirador, Efrain's, Jus' Burritos? Says Mary:
D’Corazon is a great restaurant and yes, always packed, but best green chili, NO! La Loma is great and, yes, Santiago’s! Brewery Bar, no mention, what is up with that?! Benny’s??? Oh my, so many great missed opportunities, Westword! I am surprised you are still printing!
Adds Denise:
This list is null and void because it doesn’t include the green chile from Tamales by La Casita. Santiagos isn’t even in the same category.
Replies Bobbi: 
There will be arguments every year. We miss The Riviera in Glendale!
 Jay served up a few surprising options: 
Okay, believe it or not, the two best green chilies in town: Latke Love, which is Jewish soul food so go figure, and 5281 at Quincy and C-470. Honorary mention to Q's Pub, Kipling and Chatfield.
Josh thinks you need to go further afield:
 The best green chili in Denver is in New Mexico.
Responds Jason: 
Grown in NM, perfected in Denver.
Comments former Denver food critic Thom Wise: 
Oldest "click bait" in Denver Best Of history... Fans of NM green chile will never like the CO version, which is generally made with pork and tomatoes. It can be thick like a stew, or thinner for throwing on top of a burrito. The basic NM is with Hatch chiles and (gag) cumin. But c'mon, it's all what you like or what you were raised on... Finding agreement? Never.
Concludes Michael: 
Moved to Arkansas, went to a restaurant called The Colorado Grill, asked for green chilli and they where dumbfounded. False advertising.
Keep reading for more on green chile.

click to enlarge MARK MANGER
Mark Manger

"D'Corazon Will Steal a Little Piece of Your Heart"

Danielle Lirette
"The Best Green Chile in Denver in 2018...and Through the Decade"

This week, we also ran down the last ten winners of the Best Green Chile category, as well as the Readers' Choice picks. While Santiago's appeared frequently on the latter list, the only repeat editorial winner was El Taco de Mexico, which still has a great green chile. This year, though, we just liked the offering at D'Corazon better. But we know the debate will continue.

So will the disagreement over how to spell the gravy-like concoction that is Colorado's mean green. We long ago decided on "chile," but by any spelling, it tastes delicious...and decidedly unlike the New Mexico green chile stew or sauce that fans of that state's cuisine keep trying to serve up as the only true verde. But the border war between these two green-chile states is also far from over.

What's your favorite green chile? Post a comment or email [email protected] And if you happened to pick up one of the early papers that included two page 64s and no page 84, where our Best Green Chile pick was located, congratulations! You have a collector's edition. You can find the full list of winners on, where it will reside until we start fighting over the 2019 choice!
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