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Reader: It's Odd That There Is No Denver Cuisine...at All!

Smothered burrito at El Taco de Mexico.
Smothered burrito at El Taco de Mexico. Mark Antonation
The folks behind Rhein Haus just opened Wally's Wisconsin Tavern right next door at 1417 Market Street, where it serves such specialties of the Badger state as cheese curds, walleye and beers from the Great Lakes. Our stories on Wally's inspired an outpouring of Wisconsin food memories from hungry readers, as well as this note from Scott:    
It's funny....I've been in the Great Lakes states all summer (Indiana/Ohio/Michigan), and while I miss Denver, there is no sense of "Denver food" that I am missing. Like, all those people who moved from Wisconsin and their cheese, or all the people from Philly with their Philly cheesesteak, or Chicago-style pizza, etc. Denver has NOTHING to long for by way of food at all. It's odd that there is no Denver cuisine, and that they are always trying to duplicate something else.
Replies Nate: 
Denver omelette. Bison burgers. Rocky Mountain trout. Palisade peaches.
And Case:  
I moved from Denver to northern California a year ago. There's plenty of Denver food I miss!! Green chile, GOOD Mexican food, Palisade peaches, Olathe sweet corn. 
Says Sarah:
I'm originally from Wisconsin and I would miss all of the green chile! We don't have anything there like that.  
Then there's this from Robert: 
Quit ruining the city I grew up in with your "Why can't Denver be more like L.A.,Chicago, the South, Portland" bullshit!! Don't you understand that green chile is the only damn regional specialty that we have anymore!?
Concludes Kevin: 
And none of those places knows anything about Colorado green chile.
What's your favorite Denver food? Keep reading for some of our stories about favorite foods, from Colorado or not.
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