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Green Russell's staff will allegedly include some big-name moonlighting bartenders from around town

Frank Bonanno and Adam Hodak are still ironing out the details of Green Russell, the subterranean bar they're opening behind a pie-shop front called Wednesday's Pie in Larimer Square -- and that includes staff.

But while the partners are keeping mum about who they've hired to oversee the bar on a nightly basis, the rumor mill is going strong, and we hear the underground drinking joint will also feature a roster of moonlighting bartenders from around town, stopping in to craft a few drinks on nights they're not mixing cocktails on their home turf.

Here's the list of names that are circulating: Osteria Marco's Amanda Olig, Colt & Gray's Kevin Burke and the Bitter Bar's Matt Lanning.

As for the rest of the mysterious crew, they're slated to start slinging drinks on November 11.

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