Guess how many meals I ate out last year -- and how much I spent stuffing my gullet?

Years ago, when I was the restaurant critic at 5280 magazine (then a startup without a big budget), I spent way more money eating out than I actually got paid, which always came as a major shock during tax time (and made me wonder why the hell I ever wanted to be a food critic in the first place). My job has changed, but my eating habits certainly haven't, as evidenced by the number of meals I ate out, away from my home, in 2010.

See that heap up top? Those are all the receipts I went through last night, in preparation for my meeting with my accountant on Thursday. I still have a wad of receipts stuffed in the glove box of my car, but as of right now, the number is already staggering. I'm afraid to count the rest.

Typically, I'd ask you where I'm eating (or drinking), but today, I've got a different, two-part question: First, how many meals did I eat out in 2010, and second, how much did I spend (of my own money) thickening my waistline?

The person who comes the closest to answering both questions without going over wins a new car (just like the Showcase Showdown on the Price is Right!).

Nah, just kidding. But you will win something -- either an EatDenver Dining Deck, or maybe a shit-ton of cookbooks. Or both. Or something else entirely.

I'll announce the winner, along with your prize, today at 5 p.m.

Bonus question: Which restaurant did I go to the most in 2010?

Good luck!

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