Guess what a "meat bundle" is and win, uh, a meat bundle

Never before has a coupon led to so many dick jokes. As one of the party favors at this week's Dish, Tony's Market, the excellent shop and bistro across the street from our office, offered 10 percent off coupons -- at the top of which was this cryptic phrase: "Gift cards and meat bundles excluded."

Meat bundles? Like, the George Michael kind of meat bundles?

Confused, we set out across the street to find out -- and it turns out that these bundles are pretty awesome (no matter what your sexual preference). Now, dear reader, we're giving you a shot to get one, simply by guessing what they are. Here's a hint: They're worth about $100.

But before you, lousy cheater that you are, get to thinking, "That's easy enough. I'll just head down to Tony's or go to the website and find out," just note that your "correct" answer doesn't mean anything. Because we're not asking for the correct answer, we're asking for the best answer. Interpret that as you will and leave your answer in the comments section of this post -- but remember: We need an e-mail address to get in touch with you if you win, so make sure the one you leave is accurate.

We promise we won't spam you -- not with the meat bundle or in any other way.

Get started: Competition is sure to be "stiff."

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