Guess where I'm drinking?

Late last night, after hitting up a party where the only beverage being poured was vodka (a poison I avoid at all costs), I stopped for a glass of wine at one of my favorite neighborhood bars, a spot with a fantastic late-night happy hour and more than one rose by the glass.

So, there I was enjoying my pink wine and minding my own business, when someone dropped...Jesus. I wanted to bring him back to the office for Sheehan, because if a pint-sized plastic Jesus isn't an awesome desk accessory, I don't know what the hell is -- but then I thought that someone reading this blog might need Jesus more than Jason.

He -- Jesus -- is still there, at the very bar in which he was unceremoniously tossed to the floor, if you'd like to search him out.  But first you'll need to figure out where to search, which begs the question, where was I praying drinking?
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Lori Midson
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