Guess where I'm drinking?

Denver is really reaping the benefits of Harvest Week. Chefs aren't the only ones doing wonders with local produce; bartenders have gotten into the act, too. Last night I had the most glorious smoked Colorado bass with heirloom tomatoes, green chile goat cheese, pepitas and peach dressing at one of my favorite restaurants in town from its Harvest Week menu -- and the cocktail the bartender whipped up was just as good. It was such a spontaneous drink that it didn't even have a name, so I named it Amanda's Hot Harvest Moon on the spot, because it deserved one.

Amanda was made with Jim Beam Rye, Pimm's, Cherry Heering, lemon juice and habanero simple syrup. As with many great drinks, the combination sounded odd -- but the result was delicious and had an awesome habanero kick. Can you guess where I was drinking?

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Nancy Levine
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