Guess where I'm eating?
Lori Midson

Guess where I'm eating?

You know that autumn's in the air when restaurants start cooking hearty casseroles, soups and stews tumbling with root vegetables -- carrots, turnips and parsnips -- which is exactly why the shepherds pie, pictured in the above snap, immediately caught my attention. I totally dig root vegetables.

Hearty, restorative and piping hot, a killer shepherds pie, made in classic peasant style, is exactly what I want on a chilly day. This shepherds pie, in particular, was bolstered by stewed apples, tender knobs of lamb and caps of buttery mashed potatoes, which is why I ordered two portions -- one for immediately and one for immediately after.

If you can guess where I got it, I might be persuaded by leave that second portion for you. Maybe.


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