Guess where I'm eating?

So far as I know, there's exactly one restaurant in the state whose entire menu is devoted to food from Sri Lanka. It's a cuisine that's heavily influenced by Portuguese and Dutch colonies, and somewhat similar to Indian culinary traditions -- except that where Indians cook with ghee and yogurt, Sri Lankan chefs favor coconut oil and coconut milk. And while you'll get naan with your lamb vindaloo in an Indian curry house, when you eat in a shrine to Sri Lanka, your wildly spiced deviled beef will likely come with roti, a dense flatbread that's made with grated coconut.

In between mouthfuls of both, I begged the woman who owns the restaurant in question to open a second location in Denver. That, she says, isn't going to happen anytime soon, but she is partnering with Whole Foods to sell her spices, which you'll be able to buy in the very near future -- but you won't know what spices to buy unless you correctly guess where I'm eating.

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