Guess where I'm eating?
Lori Midson

Guess where I'm eating?

If you follow this blog with any sort of regularity, you already know that I'm wildly addicted to tacos. I would be the first person to jump up in a room full of fellow addicts, raise my fists in defeat and bellow, "Hello! My name is Lori Midson and I'm a certified tacoholic." In fact, that would be an incredibly proud moment for me -- right up there with giving birth to my kid. And while it had better be way too damn soon to think about my last meal on earth, I can assure you that tacos (gorditas, too) would be at the top of the list; probably also at the bottom.

Welcome to my life as a taco slut. If you want to hang with me on the corner, pimping tacos, then you'll need to know where to go. Which begs the question, where am I eating?


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