Guess where I'm eating?

Denver has about a million places where a man of little means can find himself a big-ass burrito swimming in some sort of chile. I wouldn't say that Denver was necessarily built on big burritos (because, as everyone knows, Denver was really built on moonshine, whores and the good fortune of old-timey prospectors), but burritos have been a fixture here for long enough that the burrito, rather than the odious Denver Omelet, ought to be the one food item with which our metropolis is inextricably linked.

But that aside, the burrito at the top of this post? That's a very particular burrito. Those who know it and love it will recognize it instantly. And for those who don't, there are at least two big clues in that picture that brand it as one of Denver's most singular and recognizable tube-shaped foods.

Think you know? Comment below.

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