Guess where I'm eating? (And where a server really irked me)

Over the weekend, I had what was easily my best meal of the year, which is saying a lot, considering that the year is half over and I eat out, on average, twice a day, every day.  And it would have been absolutely perfect, had it not been for our "I totally come with an attitude" server, who took ten minutes to deliver the extra plate and glass of wine we requested (to his credit, he comped the wine).On a night when the house is full, that's forgivable -- but not so much when there's exactly one other occupied table, and that table happens to be very friendly with said server.

The fact that I had to go on a knife hunt when our waiter went AWOL made me want to take the spork that came with my ludicrously good chocolate pudding (why it came with a spork, rather than a spoon, is a mystery) and stab holes in his shoes. Or worse.

But even a crappy server couldn't bring me down from the highs that kept coming...and coming...and coming from the kitchen, including the dish in the above photo that's already garnered a cult following. 

What am I eating, and in what restaurant did I eat it?

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