Guess where I'm eating: Chips, salsa and unicorns

I know, it's usually Lori who puts up the snaps of hole-in-the-wall Mexican joints. But every once in a while, I find one that's just too good to let go without some small observation.

In this case, it's about the chips and salsa. The free chips and not-quite-salsas that appear like magic every time someone sits down at one of the tables in this small dining room. Free chips and salsa of any variety are becoming a rarity these days. Good chips and artistically presented sauces and salsas? That's like finding a unicorn.

And discovering a place that doesn't just do the chips-and-salsa thing well, but puts honest care and effort into making something completely different from what's offered everywhere else in the city? Well, that's like finding a leprechaun riding a unicorn with a real, live virgin trailing behind.

If you've been to this restaurant, you'll recognize the picture immediately. And if you haven't, you're never going to guess. So those of you who don't know, listen to those who do. Because those chips and those not-quite-salsas? They're just the tip of the iceberg -- the beginning of an absolutely fantastic Mexican meal for those lucky enough to have found this place.

Which starts serving in just a few hours.

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