Guess where you're eating? At a DINR restaurant, if you're Shawn

Guess where you're eating? At a DINR restaurant, if you're Shawn

Cafe Society served up five Guess where? contests last week, ranging from this molten molcajetes at Agave to a still-unidentified order of Mexican eggrolls to a mysterious, maligned cheese plate to a plate of pig at Vita .

For correctly identifying Vita ("that place is wonderful!"), Shawn wins a DINR deck. Shawn, send your contact info to, and we'll send you the prize. (Previous winners: If you're still waiting for a DINR deck, send a note to

But really, anyone who buys a DINR deck is a winner: For $50, you get 52 cards, each offering a $10 discount at a local, independent restaurant that's a member of the Denver Independent Network of Restaurants. You can buy the decks at any Tattered Cover location or at

Or, of course, you can win one right here. Because next Monday, Cafe Society will again award a DINR deck to one of the winners of the previous week's Guess Where I'm Eating/Drinking posts.

Happy eating -- and guessing.

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