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Guess where you're eating? At an EatDenver restaurant if you're falafelfive

Cafe Society served up four Guess Where? contests last week, ranging from a plate of meatballs and "homemade" spaghetti that isn't, from Mama Louise, to a beautifully charred and blistered sausage pizza from Bonanno Brothers Pizzeria, to a perfect beer poured in a new taproom.

For correctly linking that beer to Renegade Publik House, falafelfive wins an EatDenver dining deck. Falafelfive, please send your contact info to [email protected], and we'll send you the deck.

But, really, anyone who buys an EatDenver deck is a winner: For $50, you get 52 cards, each offering a $10 discount at a local, independent restaurant that's a member of EatDenver (formerly DINR, the Denver Independent Network of Restaurants). You can buy the decks at any Tattered Cover location or at

Or, of course, you can win one right here. Because next Monday, Cafe Society will again award a deck to one of the winners of the previous week's Guess Where I'm Eating/Drinking posts.

Happy eating, drinking...and guessing.

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