Guy Fieri: A reader review

Eric, who won the tickets to see Guy Fieri at the Paramount Wednesday night, posted this comment about the show -- which we've pulled up so that everyone else knows what they missed:

"Thanks so much for the tickets to see the Culinary Road Show. The best word I can use to describe it is surreal--I have never seen anything like it. When Bourdain was in town, he mentioned that Fieri was on the road 'doing this' -- meaning the lecture circuit. After seeing the show, I'm still not quite sure what I saw, but it was assuredly not the 'this' that Tony was referfing to. It was kind of like a staged frat party -- that is, if CIA had fraternities. It was exactly as advertised, as unbelievable as that may sound. There was a DJ rocking the house, people jumping up and down screaming for swag and margartias, Fieri and his crew setting the stag on fire, a karaoke contest -- pretty much exactly what I think the paying customer was looking for. The Bourdain thing was more my style, but this night was certainly an experience that I will never forget. Thanks again."

No, Eric, thank you -- for taking those off our hands!

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