H Burger attracts daytime crowds with fast service, good burgers

When Pete and Ann Pflum envisioned H Burger Co, the burger joint they put into a new spot at 1555 Blake Street, they designed a space and menu that they hoped would lure downtown dinner crowds to a block that, historically, has emptied out after 5 p.m. After building out the hip dining room, the couple brought in molecular gastronomy wizard Ian Kleinman to consult on the menu, and though he left just four days after H Burger opened, the spirit of his food lives on, in the form of burgers with creative accoutrements, fries with special dipping sauces, and liquid nitrogen milkshakes. The Pflums priced their offerings to allow diners to enjoy a full meal for less than ten bucks, hoping to win over an army of appreciative guests who would come for lunch, happy hour or an early dinner, then later come back and drink late into the night. After a number of meals and at least a half dozen of those milkshakes, though, I found H Burger better suited for lunch.

Find out why when my review is posted here tomorrow, along with a slideshow.

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