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Hamburgers in the news: Double trouble!

For those who can't get enough artery-clogging items stuffed into their drive-thru bag, here are a few worthy items from the week's burger news for their cholesterol consideration.

When Noah built his ark for two of every animal, I don't believe that this godawful mess was part of the plan: "Noahs Ark," a monstrosity of double the meat (of everything on the menu), including bacon! Marc Cocchio documents this combined all-day meal and guaranteed trip to the E.R. on his website. Hit the link for the 411 -- it you dare.

Quick, name the burger joint with the secret menu. If you said McDonald's, you would be correct. San Francisco, the city that has an infamous past, now has a bright future. Because if you're lucky enough to be at the changeover between the breakfast and lunch menus, you can create your own Mc10:35, a cult fave. Get there by 10:30 when you can still order an Egg McMuffin, then put it right on top of a Double Cheese Burger. Then enjoy -- both the Mc10:35 and your last days on the planet.

After eating your way through either of these burgers, you may need to lay your lard ass down for a spell. The Hamburger Bed is the answer to your dreams, because you know that between the burger patties your body will be coated in condiments to keep you greasy and warm.

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