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Happy 4/20! More pot-inspired food deals for today

Some local restaurants are offering special deals in honor of this unofficial holiday, which could be worthwhile whether you have the munchies or not... The Vine Street Pub & (Brewery), 1700 Vine Street, is celebrating its fourth birthday with a benefit event, the Smokin' Hot Anniversary Party, that begins at 4:20 p.m. today. The party -- which is free to get into -- features BBQ meats, burgers and brats, special beers (including an anniversary beer called Capital Saison), and live music from the By All Means Band. All proceeds benefit Denver's Judi's House, which helps children and families who have lost a loved one. This also marks Vine Street's first official day as a brewery.

Biker Jim's Gourmet Dogs, 2148 Larimer Street, is featuring two special stoner-desserts: Lucky Charms treats (think Rice Krispies treats only better, man) and chocolate chip cookie dough truffles covered in peanut butter ganache. And for just $1, you can top any dog with the "herb and toasty" topping -- chive and herb cream cheese, Cheetos and ranch dressing.

Sadly, Row 14 is no longer offering its late-night stoner menu.

Do you know of any other 4/20 food deals? Puff, puff and pass them along in the comments section below.

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