Happy Friday: Here's a good place to find a date

In the Best of Denver 2011, we named Common Grounds the Best Coffeehouse for Finding a Date, thanks to the constant crowd of young professionals who mingle there over cappuccinos. And because we're big proponents of ditching online dating and blind set-ups every now and then in favor of meeting people the old-fashioned way -- that is to say, face-to-face -- every Friday, we're bringing you a Denver spot that we think is particularly conducive to finding available members of the dating pool.

This weekend -- specifically, tomorrow night at 5 p.m. -- we think you should get yourself to the empty lot in the ballpark neighborhood at 29th and Huron, where the Justice League of Street Food is throwing its second shindig of the season.

The Justice League parties always attract a massive crowd of Denver diners for street eats, booze and whatever surprise entertainment the group has cooked up. The earlier side is a little more family oriented, but as the night wears on, groups of friends of all ages pack the parking lot, and lines and community tables offer just the venue for you to open up a conversation with an attractive stranger.

Scoring free food and drink by entering our contest might also help you seal the deal, since you'll be rolling VIP-style.

And if that doesn't work out? Well, there are plenty of places nearby to drown your sorrows.

More places to find dates:

- Lola

- Adult spelling bees

- Great Divide

- The Atomic Cowboy

- Ale House at Amato's

- First Friday at Infinite Monkey Theorem

- Root Down

- 17th and Vine

- El Diablo

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.