Happy Friday: Here's a good place to find a date

In the Best of Denver 2011, we named Common Grounds the Best Coffeehouse for Finding a Date, thanks to the constant crowd of young professionals who mingle there over cappuccinos. And because we're big proponents of ditching online dating and blind set-ups every now and then in favor of meeting people the old-fashioned way -- that is to say, face-to-face -- every Friday, we're bringing you a Denver spot that we think is particularly conducive to finding available members of the dating pool.

This weekend, we think you should head to one of the city's farmers' markets to meet a match.

In this world of Internet dating and bar encounters, we think it sounds pretty romantic to meet a potential mate while haggling over produce or taking your dog for a morning stroll. And you can do both at several of our farmers' markets, which, every weekend, serve as a meeting point for all kinds of Denver area residents.

On Saturday, you could head to the Cherry Creek Fresh Market, where a mixed crowd mingles among food trucks doling out breakfasts (waffles!) and produce vendors. Or drive up to the Boulder Farmers' Market, which pretty much pulls in the whole town -- and then some -- with friendly locals gathering in shady spots and practically tripping all over each other to get to the stalls. The Highland Farmers' Market is another potential stop, where nearby patios also fill up with an eligible lunch bunch out to start the weekend. On Sunday, the South Pearl Street Farmers' Market gives you another chance to get your flirt on -- and then settle into a brunch nearby if your luck runs dry.

More places to find dates:

- Lola

- Adult spelling bees

- Great Divide

- The Atomic Cowboy

- Ale House at Amato's

- First Friday at Infinite Monkey Theorem

- Root Down

- 17th and Vine

- El Diablo

- Justice League of Street Food events

- Avery Tap Room

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.