Happy weekend: here's a B-Cycle crawl ideal for day drinking

We're not exactly avid cyclists here at Cafe Society, but we're sold on B-Cycle, since the bike share basically takes all the annoying parts of riding around out of the equation by letting us check out and dock up without having to worry about finding a place to lock up our gear. Eight bucks nets you 24 hours of riding, so long as you only check out bikes for thirty minutes at a time -- which means you should be on some sort of multi-stop tour to get your money's worth. So we like to use B-Cycle to accomplish something excellent, like, oh, a leisurely day-drinking crawl through this city's fine neighborhoods. And so we've devised just that: a multi-stop tour that allows you to day drink, see Denver by bike and get more for your $8 than you ever thought possible.

Stop one: 16th and Boulder for brunch at Lola

We can think of few better ways to start a marathon of day drinking than a margarita on the Lola patio. Plus, the restaurant serves a brunch ideal for giving you sustenance for your ride; breakfast tacos or a little green chile hash should give you plenty of fuel to keep you going. Not feeling the full Lola experience?

Masterpiece Delicatessen

, right down the hill, has a great patio, great breakfast sandwiches and just enough booze on the menu to get your morning started right.

Stop two: 28th and Larimer for a drink at The Matchbox

Coors Field traffic for afternoon games may make it difficult to navigate the Ballpark neighborhood this weekend, so we're going to circumvent it. Grab a bike at 16th and Boulder and peddle over the walking bridge and through Commons Park, making your way up to 20th Street. Head over to Larimer and dock at 28th. The Matchbox, at 27th and Larimer, is one of Denver's

best new bars

, and it's got a great back patio -- which makes it ideal for an afternoon beer in the sun.

Stop three: 19th and Pearl for gravy fries and a cocktail at Steuben's

Grab a bike where you just docked (or at 25th and Market or Lawrence), peddle back down to 21st and then go east to Uptown. There's a B-Cycle station at 19th and Pearl, and then you can walk down to Steuben's, where you can share a plate of gravy fries (hey, biking is hard) and suck down a cocktail on the patio. The restaurant has a bunch of refreshing sippers on the list right now, including a delicious and potent zombie that is sure to make your afternoon more...interesting.

Stop four: 11th and Emerson for happy hour at the Park Tavern

There are no great bike lanes that will get you from 19th and Pearl to 11th and Emerson, so cruise Capitol Hill however you'd like and then grab a pint on the patio at the Park Tavern. If you coast up here around 4:30 (and before 6:30), you'll enjoy 2-for-1 pricing on everything in the bar. That deal landed the Park Tavern our award for

Best Dive-Bar Happy Hour

in Best of Denver 2012.

Stop five: 11th and Broadway for the rooftop at the Fainting Goat

Coast nine blocks west down 11th Avenue (or 12th, which is wider) and park at 11th and Broadway, then meander two blocks south to 9th, where you'll find the Fainting Goat. You'll want to head up to the roof top, which features an always entertaining crowd and a separate bar. It's probably time to eat again -- you have been drinking for awhile, after all -- and we recommend the Irish nachos, potato chips smothered with sharp white cheddar and corned beef.

Stop six: 14th and Larimer for beer at Euclid Hall

Head back to the 11th and Broadway station or -- if you need a breather after nachos and beer -- keep walking up Broadway, hanging a left on 13th Avenue and ending at the dock in front of the art museum. From there, you can cruise west to the Cherry Creek bike path, which follows Speer. Jump off at Larimer, dock at 14th Street and stop into Euclid Hall to see what's on the beer list (we guarantee you'll find something interesting). Didn't eat at the Fainting Goat? Perhaps you'd like a sausage platter here.

Stop seven: 16th and Boulder for the Linger rooftop

Peddle back over to the Lower Highland neighborhood via 15th Street (it's hilly; we'd cut over to Commons Park somewhere around Little Raven to avoid that issue). Then think about how awesome Denver is while you take in panoramic views of the city on the Linger rooftop while you sip a cocktail or a beer. You could also end this tour at REI or 16th and Platte, sipping a pint at

My Brother's Bar

or finishing your night at the beer garden at

Denver Beer Co


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