Harman's was inspired by The Pullman, but responds to Cherry Creek

If you've been to The Pullman, Mark Fischer's acclaimed restaurant in Glenwood Springs, you might notice the similarities between that spot and Harman's eat + drink, which Fischer opened in Cherry Creek North this summer, in the former home of Phat Thai. "Honestly," says executive chef John Little, the concepts are "very similar."

So why didn't Fischer just open another Pullman?

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One reason that Harman's didn't launch as a second Pullman was to give the remodeled restaurant some breathing room to adapt to the neighborhood. "We weren't sure if we'd have to tweak it," explains Little, who worked both at the original Pullman at Six89, Fischer's restaurant in Carbondale.

In fact, since Harman's opened four months ago, Little has already made some slight changes to the menu. And he still plans to add more gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian options, in response to customer's request.

I just hope he doesn't change the roasted beet salad, one of the most memorable dishes I've tried all year. Read all about it in my current review of Harman's eat & drink.

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