Head for the Hills

I spent a long time talking with the Candy Company’s Rube Goeringer last week, and got a fascinating glimpse into the history of Georgetown – particularly that part of Georgetown now occupied by his candy shop. I got even more of a peek into the past just by hanging out at Kneisel & Anderson, the general store/grocery store/hardware store a few doors down 6th Street, and came away wishing that I either had a place like this in my neighborhood or that I lived right down the street from it in Georgetown. Not that I’d be willing to give up any of the weird little Asian, Indian or Middle Eastern groceries I already do have close to home, but a store like Kneisel & Anderson (where I can get a bag of Doritos, a couple bottles of root beer, a round of Danish Havarti, some French chocolate and instant, Japanese wonton soup) would certainly be a welcome addition.

All this road-tripping served to remind me that Colorado’s culinary (and occasionally retail) history stretches far beyond the bounds of what I usually consider to be my beat. And with spring already here and summer fast approaching, I intend on expanding my boundaries to include more time in the mountains and beyond.

Of course, I’ve been saying roughly the same thing for the past five years and haven’t yet managed to get in more than a couple out-of-the-way culinary destinations, but who knows? Maybe this year will be different.

I’m certainly going to try and make it so.– Jason Sheehan

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.