Head to Boney's if you're hankering for a turkey leg during the off season

Summer festivals have come and gone for the year, along with those golden opportunities to snag a slow-smoked turkey leg from the grill.

The human appetite doesn't know there's such a thing as turkey-leg season. And that season isn't now.

When the craving hits, there's really no proper substitute -- not even deep-fried bacon. So where the heck do you find a turkey leg in this town during this time of the year?

There are a couple of options, including the refrigerated meat section of a local grocery store. If that sounds like a terrible option, that's because it is: small, preservative-filled legs tightly wrapped in plastic are gross. And unless the leg is being cooked in a home smoker, kiss that one-of-a-kind smoky flavor goodbye.

A trip to the Mile High Marketplace (aka Mile High Flea Market) will yield to a bounty of smoked turkey legs. But add admission and the trip to Henderson, and the cost of that leg becomes pricey.

The best bet is likely downtown at Boney's Smokehouse Pit Barbecue, the pit stop at 1512 Larimer Street that churns out large, juicy smoked legs to the lunchtime masses on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Arriving early is advised as it's usually the first item to sell out for the day.

And for the full festival effect, take it out of its foil shell and gnaw on it while walking down 16th Street. Don't forget to floss afterward.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.