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Here are ten great beer names, but do the beers belong on a Colorado bucket list?

Coming up with new beer names, let alone great beer names, isn't easy, especially in the state with 115 breweries, each cooking anywhere from five to 65 different beers a year.

But brewers are nothing if not creative - and occasionally, um, irreverent. Listed below are ten fantastic beer names that were either in the news, newly released or spent some time in my fridge recently. But what about the beers themselves?

Last week, GQ magazine put out a list of fifty beers to try before you die. Some of the suggestions were great; others were questionable. Not enough were from Colorado.

So, we're coming up with our own bucket list of Colorado beers. What would you put on it? Let me know by posting below, sending an email to café or finding me on Twitter at @ColoBeerMan.

Ten Great Beer Names

Mexican Logger, Ska Brewing, Durango Ghost Face Killah, Twisted Pine Brewing, Boulder Catcher in the Rye, Rock Bottom Brewing, Denver Emperor Wears No Clothes, Trinity Brewing, Colorado Springs Depuceleuse, Avery Brewing, Boulder Super Chicken, Grand Lake Brewing, Grand Lake Saison de Bulldog, Bull & Bush, Denver 400 Pound Monkey, Left Hand Brewing, Longmont Colorado Native, AC Golden Brewing, Golden Lost Virtue, Mountain Sun Pubs, Boulder

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