Here are your 2011 Denver #WebAwards food & drink winners

Here are the winners of the 2011 Denver #WebAwards in the "food & drink" category, which were handed out at our awards ceremony last night at Casselman's.

These are only the winners; for a complete list of finalists, go here: "Here are your 2011 Denver #WebAwards finalists." And thanks to all who nominated Cafe Society, and specifically Lori Midson, for Best Blogger -- but Westworders were not eligible for these awards! View the complete list of 2011 #WebAwards winners.

Booze Blogger Denver Off the Wagon is Denver's Best Booze Blog

When it comes to a stable of booze writers, Denver Off the Wagon is a band that's tough to beat. Mix some of the city's best bartenders, chefs and enthusiasts with a healthy shot of expert knowledge and the behind-the-scenes scoop on what's happening in the Denver booze scene, and you've got a site that's not safe for consuming before happy hour. You've been warned: It will make you thirsty.

Food Blogger Big World, Small Kitchen is Denver's Best Food Blog.

With one of the most professional-looking independent blogs on the web, great photos, and the web savvy to include easy-to-print recipes, it's hard to quibble with Kazia Jankowski's Big World Small Kitchen. The blog mostly covers what the culinary-school-educated writer is cooking, accompanied by lovely, minimalist photographs, but it's her narratives about how cooking, eating and life are connected that cinches this win. Okay, one quibble: More updates, please!

Restaurant Website TAG has Denver's Best Restaurant Website.

TAG's website has everything a restaurant website should have: There's luscious food porn, an easy-to-find menu that's not a .pdf, and the hours ― including happy hour, or, as they call it, "social hour" ― are brilliantly located at the bottom of the page. Links to the Denver restaurant's OpenTable page, Twitter and Facebook profiles and a Yelp! page are handy, as well. And the fact that it doesn't blare cheesy jazz or adult contemporary the second you open it? Glorious.

Eater on Twitter Denver's Best Eater on Twitter is @IndieEats.

Thanks to dues paid in the hospitality world, @IndieEats' bite-sized chunks of culinary information are served with insider knowledge that makes them both fun to read and easy to chew. The account details the trials and travails of regular foodie encounters while consistently interacting with other Denver food-lovers to create a rewarding and diverse weekly exchange of news and ideas from both kitchens and dining rooms.

Food Truck on Twitter Denver's Best Food Truck on Twitter is @quieroarepas.

This conversational Twitter guide reveals the personality that's possible from only the friendliest of food trucks. Quiero Arepas provides detailed updates and directions to its daily locations while politely adding apologies (and traffic updates) when it occasionally runs late. Always upbeat, its users aren't afraid to add some silly to its salsa: One recent tweet shared the music video for Devo's "Whip It."

Bartender on Twitter Mike Henderson is Denver's Best Bartender on Twitter.

Mike Henderson, who tends bar at Root Down, sure likes his spirits. And he's not afraid to do some shameful self-promoting, either, luring drinkers to his watering hole with tweets promising hard-to-get New Glarus beer from Wisconsin and a new drink called the Beet Down. (LOL). But he's not all biznass, all the time. The guy also has a sense of humor, as is evident in this tweet: "Are your Mojitos gluten-free?" #onlyincolorado

Locally Built Food App Forkly is Denver's Best Locally Built Food App.

You're hungry, so what do you do? Denver-based Forkly lets you know which restaurants are close by, tells you what other eaters thought of the food, and provides a phone number you can call with a tap. For the directionally challenged, there's even a map. Places like Great Divide offer perks for hard-core Forkly users, and who doesn't love free beer?

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