Here's how Devil's Food Bakery & Cookery got its Southern accent

Wonder how a nice Southern boy like Brian Crow ended up in Denver at the evil-sounding Devil's Food Bakery & Cookery? "We needed to spread our wings," explains Crow, who moved here from Asheville, North Carolina, two years ago with his fiancée, Megan. "We looked at Chicago and Portland as well, but gravitated towards Denver because it's a healthy city, it's a big sports town, and it's a food town."

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Reading about the Devil's Food job opening on Craigslist, Crow applied and was invited to cook a three-course meal for owner Angela Pilloud, who ultimately hired him as chef de cuisine. She tasked him with infusing "creativity and Southern comfort flair into seasonal menus" -- and as I write in this week's review of Devil's Food, he's been successful on all accounts.

As for the Devil's Food name, there's nothing evil about this place -- unless you count what the chicken and waffles, grits and cookies do to your waistline.

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