Hey, servers! Win an EatDenver Dining Deck for your Denver Restaurant Week stories

"Restaurant Week brings out the worst in people," lamented one chef this week, after a woman lambasted his menu for offering three courses rather than four. "What the fuck is this?" she shouted at her server, who was so stunned she broke into tears.

The restaurant -- one of Denver's best -- trumpeted a stellar board, one that proffered its entire menu, and, yet, that clearly wasn't good enough for this woman, who should have been promptly escorted to the exit, and tossed out on her ass. Instead, she stayed, ate and waltzed away with her nose in the air.


Denver Restaurant Week, or Denver Restaurant Half Month, as Jensen Cummings, chef de cuisine of TAG, calls it, is no easy, breezy two weeks. It's incredibly tiring and taxing on the staff, who work double shifts -- sometimes more -- to accommodate the infinite number of customers who jostle for reservations and space.

The fourteen-day food orgy officially came to an end last Friday, and we know how hard you -- the staff -- worked these last two weeks, so we want to reward your incredible hospitality by offering an EatDenver Dining Deck to at least one of you.

How do you win? Tell us, in the comment section below, your best (or worst) experience during DRW. We'll announce a winner at 5 p.m. on Friday.

Ready, set, spill.

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