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Hey Y'all! You, too, can cook with butter queen Paula Deen

I love Paula Deen. I mean, which other high-profile chef whose mug is plastered all over your TV screen, gets hit in the face with a ham, loads her promotional videos with lewd sex talk and profanity, accidentally drops her pants, revealing her beige granny undies, while strutting across the stage in front of a live audience in Miami, lives for (and will probably die from) butter and licks her fingers more often than a kid submerged in chocolate?

She doesn't give a shit, y'all, about what anyone thinks, which may be why I have such an affection for the butter temptress, who's now tempting others to sabotage the Food Network cook with her. Deen is hosting a casting call for a new show, Real Women of Philadelphia, that's sponsored by -- you guessed it -- Philadelphia Cream Cheese. As such, there's a hunt on for 16 finalists to sojourn to Savannah, Georgia to rub butter with the Food Network Star and participate in a live cook-off, after which four women will be crowned the Real Women of Philadelphia, a woo-hoo moment that'll give each woman $25,000, the opportunity to host their own weekly online cooking show on and to collaborate on a cookbook with Deen that pushes recipes all made with a little Philly (and butter).

In order to be considered for the show, you'll need to submit a recipe video that utilizes Philadelphia cream cheese to Miss Dean's "people." The contest ends Sunday, May 23, so if you think you have what it takes to cook with the queen of butter and, now, cream cheese, click here for submission guidelines and contest rules.

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Lori Midson
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