High Point Creamery Hits the Streets of RiNo With Big Pink Ice Cream Truck

When Erika Thomas and Chad Stutz opened High Point Creamery (winner of our Best Ice Cream/Gelato Shop award this year) in the Hilltop neighborhood a year ago, the plan was to follow up with a second ice cream shop in River North this summer. Those plans are still in the works, although Stutz says a deal for a new location may be a few months away. In the meantime, High Point is rolling out a big pink truck to bring summertime treats to RiNo.

The truck will be parked on Larimer Street between 26th and 27th streets on Fridays and Saturdays at the very least, and Stutz says he'd like to have the truck there on Wednesday and Thursday too. In addition to High Point's regular lineup, a few fun summer flavors will also be offered — mango coconut lassi and cilantro with orange marmalade, for example. Customers will also be able to purchase pints in case they're looking to take ice cream home.

"We wanted to expand our geographical footprint," explains Stutz, adding that RiNo residents and diners are beginning to catch on, despite the weather, that there's now ice cream in the neighborhood. "We're keeping our fingers crossed for this weekend."

In addition to the food truck and the shop on Holly Street, you can try out High Point's creamy treats at the upcoming Westword Music Showcase on June 20, where Stutz will have an ice cream cart set up not too far from the main stage.

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