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Highland's Garden Cafe will take a long winter's nap

Last year Highland's Garden Cafe took a three-month hiatus that worked so well, it's about to take another "long winter's nap," says owner Pat Perry. The twenty-year-old Highland restaurant will be open through Saturday, January 5 -- which happens to be Perry's 64th birthday -- and then will close until April 2. See also: - Highland's Garden Cafe's Pat Perry reflects on growing...and growth - Highland's Garden Cafe will take a sabbatical

"We have designed a special dinner as the countdown begins before we settle in for our nap," Perry says. "I got a great recipe idea from my friend and fellow cook, Paul Rhorbach, for a duck jambalaya. I am going to give it a try!"

The bayou menu -- crab cakes, bayou corn chowder with crayfish, duck jambalaya and bread pudding, all for $26.50 -- will be served today and tomorrow, and then the kitchen will close for eight weeks.

"At 64, I am so lucky to have a great job cooking for the best guests ever and a posse, friends and pets who always have my back," Perry continues. "What else can you ask for?"

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