Hit the Sandlot on Opening Day

Baseball season is on tap, and so is the seasonal reappearance of Denver's oddest brewpub, Blue Moon Brewing Co. @ the Sandlot, inside Coors Field.

Why is it odd? Although the brewery itself - owned by a division of Coors -- cranks out Blue Moon and some of the other Coors-made Moons year-round (in addition to specialty beers like Barmen Pilsner and Second Hand Smoke, a smoked Rauchbier), the restaurant and bar are only open on game days April through September -- and into October, if the Colorado Rockies ever make it back to the playoffs.

Oh, and it's run by a janitor.

Well, Tom Hail isn't really a janitor (at least I don't think so), but he does clean up on game days when baseball fans pack the place shoulder to shoulder.

And what's he serving for the Rockies home opener, this Friday at 2:10 p.m.? Blue Moon and Honey Moon, plus Right Field Red (the last of the Sandlot's baseball-themed legacy beers, Hail says). There will also be a brewmaster's special called Where the Helles Bill, a German-style pale lager that will be available most of April; the special typically changes every month or so.

There will be a fifth beer, too, but Hail isn't sure yet what it will be. "I can't plan that far ahead," he says.

Sounds like a game-time decision.

And it's one we'll be on top of at Westword, since we plan to blog live from the game. So check back on Friday for updates from Coors Field -- and the Sandlot.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.