Ho, ho, ho: Twigs has closed -- for now

Above is the season's greeting that Nancy Levine, our intrepid Drink of the Week columnist, found when she was out last night judging the 2008 Holiday Cocktail Competition. Seventeen restaurants -- all members of the Denver Independent Network of Restaurants -- had signed up to create special holiday drinks for this contest.

But only sixteen of them are actually serving the drinks. Because as Nancy discovered when she made the trek down south to Tipsy's, the giant liquor store that opened this spring, the restaurant inside that establishment, Twigs, is closed, with a sign on its door that promises "new idea in the making." Whether Twigs chef Chris Cina will be involved with that new idea is unknown.

We do know that the other sixteen restaurants that signed up for the competition -- Bistro Vendome, Black Pearl, Dixons, Elway's (in Cherry Creek), Encore, Jonesy's Eat Bar, Mezcal, Osteria Marco, Parallel Seventeen, Pulcinella, Racines, Rioja, Steuben's, Table 6, Tambien and Vesta Dipping Grill -- are definitely pouring their holiday cocktails. And not just for the judges, but also the public.

You can vote for your favorites at www.eatdenver.com. The winners will be announced on December 15.

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