Holy moly! Euclid Hall invents the Tim T-boning Manhattan shot

Leave it to the crew of

Euclid Hall

to take bone marrow, a Manhattan and a kneel on the knee and turn it into T-boning!

It all started a few months ago, when chief bar mix-fit Ryan Conklin came up with the Manhattan bone-marrow luge that works something like this: Order bone marrow, eat bone marrow, pour a Manhattan shot down the center of the bone and shoot it. "I don't remember where I got the idea, but I was inspired by something I came across in the paper or online, and while some of the staff thought it was completely nuts, we had a lot of people get behind it, and what sort of started out as a joke has now become a popular pastime," says Conklin.

And a few weeks ago, Danny Shuman, a line cook at Euclid, took the luge one step further by inventing the Tim Tebow version: T-boning. "If someone wants to take a knee and knock it back, they absolutely can," quips Conklin. To demonstrate how it's done, Shuman, clad in an orange-and-blue Denver Broncos jersey, took a quarterback kneel, stuffed the bone in his mouth and poured the liquid down his throat.

"Some people get nervous about putting a big bone in their mouth all greased up with marrow, and in so many ways this thing is so wrong, and in so many ways it's so right because of all the wrong reasons, but it's delicious and fun, and people can do with it whatever they want -- fight over it, spill it, pass it around -- whatever," says Conklin.

Hell, you can even play fetch with it.

If you want to partake -- either in the pedestrian luge or the celestial luge -- you'll first have to feast on marrow (or find someone who will), which is $6 per bone, and then pony up $6 for the Manhattan shot.

Is it worth it? I did one the other night (sitting upright), and since it includes bourbon and fat (two of my favorite things), I easily could have shot a few more, but then I would have plunged off my bar stool and prayed that no one would notice.

The Tim T-boning Manhattan shot is available all day, every day, and if the Broncos beat the Steelers on Sunday (pray for a miracle...), then maybe even Tebow himself might take a knee and a shot of bourbon (not probable, but God works in mysterious ways).

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