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Hopdoddy Brings Austin-Style Burgers to Denver on Monday

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Hopdoddy features a showcase bakery with a window onto the plaza outside and a butcher counter where brisket and chuck are broken down and ground to make Hopdoddy's beef patties. But the menu also features lamb, tuna, chicken, turkey and vegetarian burgers; Mesches says the Greek burger with a lamb patty is one of his favorites.

Hopdoddy and "the city share a similar philosophy of supporting a mindfully-sourced agricultural economy and preserving the artisan crafts of food, beer and spirits," Mesches says. "Hopdoddy is privileged to be a part of the community."

To keep things local, the recipe for the buns was slightly reformulated for high-altitude baking (rather than bringing pre-baked buns from Texas), and even the gluten-free buns are made in the burger bar's kitchen. Also house-made: triple-fried Kennebec fries and limoncello and triple sec for the bar, which focuses on Colorado craft beers and spirits for the Denver location.

Unlike many other fast-casual restaurants, Hopdoddy makes sure you have a table before you get your food. While this can create a line, "We give tastes and you can also get a cocktail while in line." Mesches notes. Let's hope those lines don't start forming too early on Monday, when Hopdoddy will open for lunch.

Here's a look at what you can expect once the doors open.

Keep reading for more photos of Hopdoddy.

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