Hot dog! Bernie's Hot Dog Co. has a new menu -- and beer soon

Last month, it was all about hamburgers. This month, it could be hot dogs. Bernie's Hot Dog Co., at 1601 Mayberry (in the Highlands Ranch Town Center) in Highlands Ranch, introduced its new menu today, a "healthy" revision of the original, "modified based on customer feedback, market trends and a year of history," Joe Zemla says. "We are keeping with the favorites such as the Vienna beef dog (a different dog from your first visit), footlong dog, gourmet local sausages, beer battered fries and onion ring." But Bernie's is also adding an all-natural dog, a veggie dog and a hot Italian beef sandwich.

And that's not all.

Now all toppings -- except chili, bacon and guac -- are included in the price of the dog.

And, perhaps more important, Bernie's will be getting its beer and wine license on March 23. Shortly thereafter, Zemla will be pouring Bud, Bud Light, Rolling Rock, Corona and Fat Tire.

"This is a very exciting time for us," Zemla says, "and we hope to see you back at Bernie's in the near future."

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