Hot dog! Biker Jim's makes the Forbes list of the top ten dogs

Forbes just published a list of America's 10 Best Hot Dogs -- with some help from startle.com -- and Biker Jim's makes the list.

Not only makes the list, but kicks it off -- although the top ten are unranked. Here's the rave:

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Biker Jim's serves more than just your average dog--the franks are made with exotic meats including elk and even Alaskan reindeer. Cooked on the central grill, the spicy Elk jalapeño cheddar dog is always popular, especially when topped with Biker Jim's Classic, a mix of cream cheese and caramelized onions.

What started out as a cart on Denver's 16th Street Mall grew into this biker-themed restaurant near Coors Field. The glass-paned garage doors open up to a patio during the summer.

The others on the list?

The Senate in Cincinnati DBGB Kitchen & Bar in the East Village Ben'€™s Chili Bowl in Washington, DC Gene & Jude'€™s in Chicago Hank'€™s Haute Dogs in Honolulu Hot Doug's in Chicago Papaya King in New York City Pink's in Hollywood Rawley's in Fairfield, Connecticut

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