Like many fast dining outlets that specialize in one kind of food or drink, Jamba Juice has expanded their smoothie menu to include more munchable fare, including parfaits and oatmeal.  Though I love me a giant smoothie when the weather is hot, it doesn't really occur to me to pop in there for hot offerings.  However, always the sucker for a great deal, I was lured into the 6th and Lincoln location with a coupon offering the oatmeal for only $1.  I'll admit I'm a bit of an oatmeal snob.  I like it hearty and cooked to perfection; a mealy mush of overly sweet quick oats just doesn't do it for me.  With that in mind, I was more than skeptical that a smoothie chain was going to pull off a nice cup.

Hot Oats for a hot price

The promise is there; they advertise the oats as organic steel-cut and cooked with soy milk.  Along with a brown sugar topping, you get a choice of three fruit toppings: apple cinnamon, blueberry blackberry, and fresh banana.  I opted for the latter as the other two looked a little on the syrupy sweet side. 
The verdict? Delicious!

The steel-cut oats were cooked just right and had a satisfying bite to them.  The brown sugar topping and banana added the perfect amount of sweetness without making me feel like I was eating a candied cereal.  If you have even less of a sweet tooth in the morning, you could cut down the sugar further by opting out of the topping.  Whether it will be as big of a draw at its regular $2.95 price is yet to be seen, but for a buck, you can't beat this breakfast deal.

This coupon is good through March 1st, but they have a tendency to refresh the expiration date so check back and your good fortune may be extended.

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