Beer Man

Hotel Monaco offering guests some brew-m service

Some hotels provide guests with a bottle of wine; some with a little champagne. But at Hotel Monaco, beer has entered the pantheon of beverages brought to your room.

And it's about time.

The luxury boutique hotel, at 1717 Champa Street, rolled out its Denver Brew and You promotion this month.

It includes a special room rate of $134 along with four ice-cold Colorado micros delivered to your door in a bucket around happy hour, between 5 and 7 p.m.

"Denver is a beer town, we are known for that and we wanted to play off of that," says sales and marketing director Beth Harty. "Beer is also more of a drink of preference during the summer. And some people don't drink wine or champagne. It's not for everyone. We offer different tastes for different palettes."

This month, the hotel gave out Fat Tire and Skinny Dip, both from New Belgium Brewing; in August, it will switch to Great Divide's Denver Pale Ale and possibly one other lighter beer from the brewery.

Of course, the pet-friendly Hotel Monaco is also well-known for providing travelers with a goldfish companion during their stay; the place has a 100-gallon tank in the basement.

"It's not just children who ask for them," Harty says. " These high-end men and women also ask for them. They are a friend to come home to."

Will the four beers put those goldfish in danger of becoming dinner for a sodden guest? Harty doesn't think so. "We've been very lucky. Some of them are in danger of being talked to death, but no one has eaten one to my knowledge."

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