Hotels offer a place to sleep (and, in some cases, eat) during Denver Restaurant Week

If you're planning on really making a night of your Denver Restaurant Week reservation, either because it's a romantic evening away from the kids, or because you're taking what you're saving on dinner and plunking it down on copious amounts of alcohol, it might be a good idea to look at hotel deals.

And a couple of places are offering deals during Denver Restaurant Week, some of which include dinner, which means you'll just have to stumble to the elevator when the night ends.

In Cherry Creek, the JW Marriott is offering a Denver Restaurant Week package that includes dinner for two at Second Home Kitchen & Bar. That promotion costs $239, and it's available February 26, March 4, 5 and 11 -- and March 6, if you stay over on Saturday night. And that might encourage you to make a weekend of it if you've got another reservation in the Cherry Creek area, because sans dinner, the best room rate we found was $209.

The Ritz-Carlton is also offering a dinner-and-a-room deal that includes a prix fixe meal for two at Elway's Downtown. That promotion starts at $379 a night, which means it'll still be a blowout kind of weekend. But hey, you get free valet. So that's another $28 you save, we guess.

On that note, if we were trying to save money (which, uh, we almost always are) but still wanted to stay downtown for a night, we'd probably book at the Sheraton Denver Downtown, instead, using promotion code FMT. We found Saturday night rooms on February 26 and March 5 for $99. We might also check with the Magnolia Hotel: we were given a sub-$150 last-minute rate deal for a Friday or Saturday night stay.

Visit Denver also has a list of hotel deals posted on its website, but be forewarned: When we dialed some of the hotels to verify rates, several of them had no idea what we were talking about.

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